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Clowning Around

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A fact that some people know about me is that I’m a fairly decent juggler. No, that doesn’t mean I listen to terrible clown rap. That means I throw stuff into the air, and then catch it again. I remember learning juggle 3 balls when I was just a young boy back in elementary school. It was incredibly difficult to tame my nerves and relax enough to master this silly little talent, but after enough practice I finally got it down. Here I am staring 30 in the face, and…read more



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It’s really something to think about how perspective can shift as time goes by. It was not long ago that I thought working a twenty five hour work week was an eternity, and being at work was a never ending purgatory. Today, I worked fourteen hours with barely enough time to catch lunch. Yesterday it was ten hours, and tomorrow will most likely be another ten or twelve, at least. The idea of only working twenty five hours in seven whole days is now laughable. Only a year ago, I…read more

Something New

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I finally did it. I carved out my own niche of the internet to call home. I’m not quite certain what will end up here. I will likely walk between a few different concepts, from personal to conceptual, review to interpretations, and sometimes I may just share links or other content I find interesting or useful. Comments are welcomed, and I will share them all equally – good, bad, or otherwise, and I will try my best to respond. That does it for now -The Scribe   P.S. – It’s…read more